Transworld Aerospace can provide, through Transworld Aviation FZE which is an authorized channel partner with Honeywell to Condition based Monitoring/Health and Usage Monitoring System products, provide technical assistance on the platform and the product and offer consultancy services.

Our core team has been associated with vibration monitoring from as far back as 1975. Our best competency is diagnosis and problem solving. We pride our self in smoothening “hard to rectify” rotors/propellers of diverse platforms. Transworld Aerospace is your “one stop shop” for HUMS equipment, rotor and track balancing expertise & consultancy and after market calibrations & repairs.

We would transfer our advantage to your niche through a preventive maintenance approach reaching up to reduced failures and extensive savings in life cycle cost. Our experts can offer technical advice onsite for rotor track and balancing issues, propeller balancing techniques, associated component vibration parameters and/or vibration analysis for developing rectification protocol.

The range of HUMS products include on board and carry on monitoring equipment and their associated products including the strobes, pick offs, cabling and software. We stock most of these products at our warehouse for your ready availability. Please contact us for details on the product:


1. Zing® Carry-On VXP
2. Zing® On-Board VXP
3. Zing® EVXP
4. Zing® AIMS
5. Zing® Vibrex 2000 Plus
6. Zing® Test Elite
7. Zing® VMS II
8. Zing® 1100/1200/1400 series
9. FasTrak™ Optical Tracker
10. Strobex
11. Accelerometers
12. Velocimeters
13. Photocells
14. Magnetic pickups
15. Calibrators
16. Tab tools
17. Smart Charts™ for various aircraft applications
18. VibraLog™
19. VibReview™
20. Brackets and mounts for vibration transducers