Quality Statement & Policy

Transworld Aerospace is entirety committed to excellence. Our guiding principle is to guarantee the all of our products and services meet up the parameters set forth by:

  • Our customers
  • Directorate General Defense Procurement
  • Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Board, Kamra.
  • Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M)
  • Certifying bodies.

We ensure that all items delivered are handled, transported, repaired, inspected, modified and tested in accordance with the aviation standards and product specifications.

We are loyal to the top principles of safety, quality, security and safety of the environment. All our products are procured and supplied out of Transworld stocks, or OEMs approved sources, and supported with Authorized Release Certificates or OEM Certificates. Our products and certifications are fully traceable.

We believe in providing reliable quality service to our customers through a collective and planned team effort.