Supply Chain Management

Transworld Aerospace’s stress on availability, cost and customer service in military markets demands high performance in procurement, partner management, product data management, design for serviceability, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), inventory optimization and analytics. The supply chain does not end when the product leaves the door. To deliver high performance, aerospace and defense companies must essentially rethink the structure and function of their supply chains.

Transworld Aerospace uses industry-specific supply chain solutions to help aerospace and defense companies win, and support availability and performance based contracts. We work with our clients as service providers to build and run the supply chains that will serve up their requirements.

The Transworld Aerospace  is a leader in Supply Chain Management, aviation industry, planning, procurement and strategic sourcing, fulfillment and customer service, after-sale support. The Transworld Aerospace has the following advantages:

  • National Operations Strategy: Penetrate defense markets, manage offsets, reduce cost of goods
  • National Sourcing Strategy: Reduce procurement costs while increasing quality.
  • Supply Chain Management: Improve inventory, distribution and transportation costs.
  • Readiness and Sustainment/Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).
  • Increase product up-time, parts availability and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduce spares inventory and improve customer satisfaction.